Thursday, December 16, 2010


not gonna lie, i loooove christmas. waking up on christmas morning to a bunch of presents? who doesn't love that? haha
Every year I make a long list full of suggestions to get me (I don't expect it all!) This year, surprisingly, I didn't really want much, so my list was very small. Besides clothing, I asked for:
-a new Moleskine notebook
-white candles
-a pair of black boots
what did you ask for? :)
& Here is the lovely Georgia May Jagger..


Sjaar said...

Shes gorgeous. I didnt ask for anything but a pair of black boots would be perfect!

MK said...

She loss so good!
Well, I've got a new stereo so I have no more wishes. But yours sound great!

Lady Gabby said...

Please check out my blog. Any feedback is appreciated! Thank you so much :)

Enjoy the holidays!!

Bianca S. Steckelmacher said...

she looks so awesome! :) xx